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Seven Days

"When women look in the mirror, they only see themselves flat-on," he says, and notes that a mirror's unforgiving reflection is unflattering to just about everyone. "But when I put them in front of the camera, and I light them properly and I pose them properly," Rork goes on, "they're able to see themselves the way their husbands see them, the way their girlfriends see them. They're able to see themselves in a way that they don't notice." read more...

Burlington VT Mom's Blog

The click of the camera became white noise. I tuned it out and became more focused on moving my body into poses. It was like yoga. Amazingly, while I was very, super-aware of my awkwardness and focusing on my body, Michael was finding some beauty in me, capturing photos of my smile, my goofiness, my playfulness. He was finding the me that made me feel confident, funny, happy.

So, when he came by my house a few days later to show me the photos, I had to hold back tears and try to narrow down my choice of prints. It was tough, even for me who is not happy with my body. It was difficult to pick only 8 photos. read more...


"Hi Michael,

I just wanted to thank you for the shoot on Wednesday. It was such an incredible experience. You were both very professional and made me feel instantly at ease. I had originally seen these photos as capturing the sadness and loss I've felt over the last year but the shoot was so empowering. You were able to give me a confidence I didn't know I had. The surgery went really well yesterday and I am so excited to see the images when they're ready. Please pass along my gratitude to Meg as well.




Michael and his team were professional and talented. They made the experience fun and collaborative. Michael took beautiful photographs and put together a book that my new husband absolutely loves. Thanks!


I am completely trilled by Michael and his photography skills!! I had the best time creating the pictures for my Boyfriend for his Birthday!! I wasn't at all nervous because of the professionalism magnitude that Michael gives. I loved how the pictures came out and overjoyed at the little touches and the thoughts and gifted, creative ideas that he comes up with. Nothing is missed and I am so very happy. When my Boyfriend received his present he was over joyed and couldn't stop looking at the final product and the last page was a memento of us and it couldn't have been more perfect!! I would definitely recommend Michael for any type of photography!!


Working with Michael was a wonderful experience. I met with him before the photo shoot to discuss my interests and get a sense of how he works. I instantly felt comfortable and felt like I understood what would be involved. This didn't stop me from being nervous the day of! When I arrived, however, he and his wife had set out food and flowers and were both friendly and professional. Michael had a clear vision for many photos and, with his direction and the help of his wife, I got a book of amazing photos. I was a bit nervous my husband would be jealous, but one look at the book erased any fears - he was floored! A great experience, a gifted photographer and a beautiful, fun result.


I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with Michael, Athena and their makeup artist Meg Walsh. It was an incredibly positive experience. Three weeks before my shoot, I was diagnosed with a bone marrow disorder that had compromised my whole immune system. I am exhausted, sick much of the time, and unable to enjoy many activities I used to enjoy. Doing the shoot was such an amazing break from my illness; I could never thank them enough for that.

Athena ushered me into a cozy hotel suite complete with fireplace, where Michael was setting up lighting and Meg was there ready to get started on makeup. I don’t generally wear makeup, so I never would have known where to start. She even had hot rollers to give my hair a little something extra, which was totally above and beyond what I was expecting from a makeup artist, but she really made me feel like she just wanted me to look gorgeous. Even though it was a long process, Meg was so personable and was obviously doing her work with such care, I didn’t mind at all. I was delighted when she finally sent me to the mirror; I still looked like myself, but in a way I’d never seen before. Her work was truly lovely.

Earlier in the day, I had been a little nervous about the shoot, but Michael and Athena were so comfortable to be around by the time my makeup was done I was feeling at ease with the idea of getting started with the shoot. As we started posing, Michael was very attentive to my comfort; making sure every pose felt okay, that the temperature of the room was just right; those little gestures set me completely at ease. I'm terrible at smiling for the camera, but without any cheesy tricks Michael got some of my best smiles ever recorded on film.

Getting to see the photos afterward, my first thought was; “models and actresses are nothing special! Anyone can look that amazing if you have wonderful people doing your makeup, lighting you right and getting all the right angles.” I couldn't believe how pretty I looked. After weeks of people telling me I looked sick, sitting around the house in my pajamas feeling awful, walking around the hospital in those funny robes, it was like I had been transported to another time and place in these photos. This shoot was the best thing I could have done to lift my spirits in the middle of this difficult time.

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